John Stamos Wants You to Fantasize About Him

John Stamos Wants You to Fantasize About Him

So you missed the John Stamos gay joke in the recent advertisement for The Office? That's because producers pulled the joke from a recent promo, according to TMZ, because they were afraid of offending Stamos. But Stamos apparently loved it.

"They thought that I'd be offended by the gay joke," Stamos told TMZ. "But apparently, a week before, they didn't see me kiss a man at the GLAAD Awards." The Office's ad aired on NBC last week, and in it Ed Helms as Andy attempts to break up with his girlfriend by pretending to be gay. He tells her, "I'm gay. I had to fake it. I had to imagine that I was in a steam room with John Stamos."

The new version of the ad replaces "John Stamos" with "cool guys." No word from NBC on the reason for the switch, but TMZ has both promos on its site, so you can decide if this is over-PC editing or if perhaps the Stamos fantasy hit a little too close to home for some network censor.


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