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John Oliver's Book About Mike Pence's Gay Bunny Is a Hit

John Oliver

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dived into Mike Pence's abhorent record on LGBT rights, declaring the only likeable thing about the vice president is his pet bunny, Marlo Bundo. Bundo is indeed popular; he just released his own children's book and book tour, which will visit Focus on the Family, which advocates for anti-LGBT policies such as "conversion therapy." Pence has been long intertwined with the group and its leaders, explains Oliver.

In order to bring attention to the LGBT rights Pence is so fervently against, Oliver released his own book, A Day in The Life of Marlon Bundo, in which Pence's bunny falls in love with another male rabbit and the two struggle to get married. The proceeds will be given to the Trevor Project, which aids LGBT youth, and to AIDS United.

Oliver's book is now an Amazon bestseller

“Please buy it for your children; buy it for any child you know, or just buy it because you know it will annoy Mike Pence,” Oliver asked his viewers. “You’d be doing a nice thing, in a really dick-ish way. And isn’t that the dream, at the end of the day?”

Watch Oliver's take on Pence and Marlon Bundo below.

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