Gay Hotelier: Be Heterofriendly — Straights Are 'Good Persons'

Be Heterofriendly

A European gay hotel chain has created a fine argument for "straight rights" in the form of a satirical music video encouraging gay customers to "be heterofriendly."

In the video, the lead singer of a Euro-pop band sings, "Everyone has got a straight friend, and in spite of this they are good persons like you and me." The ad is as funny as it is brilliant for mocking condescending appeals for "tolerance" often employed by "well-meaning" straight people. 

While straight male friends may need some help on fashion and may be sexually attracted to women, there is room at Axel Hotels for them. 

"If they can't dance, we will do it for them; if they can't hide a burp, we will do it for them," the singer belts out.

Watch Axel Hotels teach customers to "be heterofriendly."

Tags: Comedy, Travel

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