When You Feel the Bern But Your Girlfriend Is 'With Her'

Politics can get heated, particularly when your partner supports a rival candidate.

Chanelle Tyson, a filmmaker, comedian, and Bernie supporter based in Los Angeles, tapped into this conflict in a hilarious new sketch video, which is streaming below. In an interview with The Advocate, Tyson revealed the plot of was inspired by one of her favorite shows.

"I made the video after binge-watching two seasons of Broad City in two days, falling in love with Ilana Glazer but wondering if the fact that on the show, she supported Hillary and the fact that I support Bernie would get in the way of our theoretical relationship," Tyson said.

Ultimately, Tyson found that the friction of inter-political romance tapped into a larger cultural debate.

"It's a commentary on how intense people can get when it comes to their candidate of choice, particularly in this election," she said.

Watch the hilarious clip below.


Chanelle Tyson is a filmmaker and comedian based in Los Angeles. Check out more queer comedy on her website, Twitter & Instagram.

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