Ohio Seeks Death Penalty for Lesbian's Alleged Killer

Ohio Seeks Death Penalty for Lesbian's Alleged Killer

Chad Cobb, the man who stand accused of killing a 25-year-old lesbian, Ashley Biggs, June 21 in Ohio, was arraigned in Summit County court yesterday, according to Newsnets5.com. Prosecutors anounced that they will be seaking the death penalty for Cobb, who pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and aggravated murder. 

Biggs and Cobb had a 6-year-old daughter and police allege that a fierce custody battle over her was the motive for the killing. NewsChannel5’s Sarah Buduson also reported that Cobb had a problem with Biggs's sexual orientation and her gilfriend. 

Police say that on June 21, just after midnight, Cobb phoned in a fake order to Domino's Pizza, where Biggs worked. When she went to a vacant building to deliver the pizza there was a struggle, and she was killed by a blow to her head. She was found in her vehicle later that morning, according to Buduson, bound with zip ties.

Biggs's friends told reporters that Cobb — who pleaded guilty to assaulting Biggs in 2005 — has stalked Biggs and her girlfriend and was furious about their relationship.

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