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WATCH: Trump Supporter Interrupts Bernie Sanders With Transphobic Sign

A Trump supporter is removed from a Bernie Sanders rally

A man wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt interrupted Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders during a speech in Amherst, Mass., on Saturday, carrying a bizarre sign that took aim at President Obama and Caitlyn Jenner. 

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that the unidentified man shouted “Shame on you, Bernie,” as he carried a handwritten sign that read “Obama is as Christian as Bruce Jenner is a woman.”

Supporters gathered to hear the Vermont Senator speak on Saturday shouted down the interruptor with a chant of “Bernie, Bernie,” while waving blue signs with Sanders’s campaign slogan, “a future to believe in.”

“Here’s a Trump supporter, worried about Mr. Trump’s money,” said Sanders as the man shouted at him, before being removed by security. “I say to Mr. Trump and his supporters: that the billionaires of this country will not continue to own this nation.”

At press time, it remains unclear what the protestor’s precise motive was for the disruption, or how Sanders, a Jewish Independent from Vermont, is connected to President Obama, a Christian Democrat from Hawaii, or to Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender former Olympian who lives in California and identifies as a Republican

Watch video of the interruption below. 

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