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Editor’s Picks: 5 Fabulous LGBTQ Travel Essentials


Just Hanging Around

If your travels take you off the beaten path then I highly recommend a portable travel hammock by Republic of Durable Goods. The Mock One has drink holders, a basket underneath it, and handy side pocket for things like phones, keys, and wallets—because nothing’s more annoying than to have to sit all your stuff on the sand beneath you when there are no tables. It’s also super simple to set up (one, not-very-strong person can easily do it) and to throw in your trunk. It requires no trees or posts, and its long legs ensure a solid stance on sand, grass, mud, or almost anywhere. ($175,


WiFi to Go 

Trade in the hunt for free unlocked WiFi, SIM cards, and roaming charges with Skyroam Solis. This smart, global mobile WiFi device offers unlimited 4G LTE service in more than 130 different countries in a (pay by day system rather than a monthly fee). Up to 5 different devices can log in for the same fee and because it has a built-in power bank you can also use to charge your phone. (The Solis Lite features is shareable with 10 devices and has over 18 hours of battery life.) ($120 and up,


Sustainable Hankies

Environmentally conscious Danish innovators LastObject, which is dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to single-use items like cotton swabs, recently introduced their latest product, LastTissue. Containing six, 100 percent organic cotton handkerchiefs in a 100 percent silicone, dishwasher safe carrying case, LastTissues are not only great for the planet, but are also ideal for travel. They truly do reduce your environmental footprint. Every LastTissue used replaces a single-use tissue and saves two liters of water. Plus, each case protects the planet from more than 3,000 single-use tissues and their plastic packaging. ($40,


The World’s Best Souvenirs

Ideal gifts for travelers and better than any trinket you'd pick up in Cancun (or Iceland for that matter) is Dune Jewelry. This unique company literally lets you capture precious memories within its “experiential jewelry,” made with sand and other natural elements from around the globe. Dune’s extensive “sandbank” of over 4,000 natural elements collected from across seven continents not only includes sand, shells, leaves, bark, and rock but also things like grass and brick from famous sports arenas and golf courses. They even have power stones like malachite and turquois (the latter of which I got added to a pair of earrings in homage to a recent trip to New Mexico). I especially cherish my Endless Summer Bar Drop Earrings and Seven Sand Rope Ring, set in .925 sterling silver, which I got filled with stuff from my favorite beaches I’ve visited in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. Even better, I can send my nieces something actually from my trips (and not just a “Made in China” trinket I snagged at the Aruba airport) and spend the time saved shopping by lounging in the sand. ($60 and up,


Do Not Disturb (The Force) 

Frequent travelers know all too well the discomfort of being completely pooped in public spaces, far from the comfort of your room. That’s why I’m obsessed with this hooded travel neck pillow by Grand Trunk made with neck supporting memory foam and a comfortable adjustable hood for maximum shuteye. Not only does the unique hood design help shut out light, noise, and give you a comforting feeling of privacy no matter where you are—it kind of makes you look like a powerful Jedi (pickpockets beware)! With this cozy pillow, you can easily sneak in a recharging nap on planes, in airports or  parks, or wherever else you might be feeling sluggish. You’ll wake up well rested and ready to tackle your next adventure. ($30,


All photos courtesy of its maker. 

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