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Seth Meyers Blasts 'Bathroom Bills' and Ted Cruz

Seth Meyers Blasts 'Bathroom Bills' and Ted Cruz

Seth Meyers

The late-night host attacked those who spread fearmongering of transgender people and restrooms.

Seth Meyers is taking aim at transphobic legislation.

In a segment titled, "Bathroom Bills: A Closer Look," the Late Night with Seth Meyers host reviewed the recently passed laws in Mississippi and North Carolina, which make it illegal for transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond with their gender identities.

"A policy hasn't created this much bathroom confusion since hipster bars started using animals as bathroom door signs," Meyers quipped. "Am I a bird or a squirrel? All I know is I'm gonna crap my pants in five seconds."

During the informative clip, Meyers broke down the ignorance behind the passage of these laws, outlined the boycott among celebrities like Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, reviewed the conservative backlash to Target for being pro-LGBT, and debunked the myth that transgender people are bathroom predators.

"To be clear, that's not how gender identity works," Meyers stated. "It's not just a whim. It's a person's inner-most concept of self. It's their identity. It's who they are."

Meyers also criticized Ted Cruz's stance on the issue. Recently, the Republican candidate attacked Donald Trump for not being more supportive of anti-LGBT legislation. Trump had stated trans people should be able to use the restrooms that match their gender identities; later, he backtracked and said it should be up to states to decide. In response, Cruz said that even if Trump dressed up as Hillary Clinton, he should not be allowed to use the women's restroom.

But "if a lizard dresses up in a suit, he can run for president," Meyers joked.

Watch the clip below.

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