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Lucian Wintrich Claims He's Victim of Homophobic Assault at White House

Lucian Wintrich Claims He's Victim of Homophobic Assault at White House

Lucian Wintrich

The gay, alt-right writer's version of what happened hasn't been supported by witnesses.


The founder of Twinks for Trump says he was assaulted by a Fox News reporter at the White House -- though no one who was there so far supports that claim.

Not even one month has passed since Lucian Wintrich, the gay conservative firebrand who is pals with Milo Yiannapoulos, got credentials needed to join the White House press briefing for the first time. He and his conspiracy-theory-pushing boss at Gateway Pundit took a photo that first day behind Sean Spicer's podium, while irreverently making a hand signal commonly understood as a hate symbol. They shared it using the "pepe" hashtag and emoji, which is also a symbol for alt-right racism.

It didn't take long for things in the White House press room to devolve. Here's what happened, according to BuzzFeed's Adrian Carrasquillo:

The incident was also reported by the Washington Post and severalothers. In response, Wintrich wrote a story for Gateway Pundit that accuses the Fox News Radio reporter, Jon Decker, of assault. Wintrich said Decker "blocked me from entering the rest room. He physically cornered me." On the way out, "he physically shoved me." Later, he "grabbed my arm in a very aggressive manor" while making the comment to the room reported by BuzzFeed.

A reporter for Sputnik Newswires, Andrew Feinberg, was standing nearby when Wintrich arrived back in the briefing room with the usual crowd of journalists. He wasn't a witness to what Wintrich said happened before that moment. Feinberg posted a statement online about what he saw. "I will confirm that I did witness Jon touch or grab Lucian's arm," he wrote. "However I will not attempt to speak to how hard the physical contact between the two of them was, because it was not my arm that was touched." The complete statement is available on his blog.

Wintrich said on Twitter that Decker is homophobic. He retweeted a supporter who said Decker "looks like selfhating closeted gay guy overcompensating thru homophobia."

Wintrich wrote a post applauding the DeploraBall -- an inauguration celebration -- for stopping white supremacist Richard Spencer from attending. And in his account for Gateway Pundit, Wintrich said " I am the grandson of Holocaust survivors who fought in the Polish Resistance against the Third Reich" and that "my boyfriend is Hispanic." In a hastily arranged news conference after the incident, Wintrich reportedly told journalists he'd been out the night before with a gay friend who is black. "I shouldn't need to discuss my relationships with minorities to defend myself from baseless accusations of bigotry," he wrote later.

But Wintrich does indeed work for a website that spreads racism and anti-Semitism. Take for example its latest so-called story about Barack Obama's birth certificate, posted just this week. It's written by Jim Hoft, the site's founder.

Wintrich himself wrote this month that the spike in threats against Jewish community centers or in vandalism of Jewish cemeteries is actually "a rash of hate crimes that have all the hallmarks of a liberal false flag operation."

Wintrich came to the defense of Yiannapoulos after the alt-right flameout denounced the "arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent" and said pedophilia doesn't apply to boys older than 13 but "is an attraction to children who have not reached puberty."

"While some of what he says could certainly be considered 'cringe' to use a parlage of 2016," wrote Wintrich, "it should be clear within the context of the full video he is not condoning or applauding the crime that these publications and operatives are alleging."

In the end, Breitbart accepted Yiannapoulos' resignation as tech editor. He also lost his book deal with Simon & Schuster and was disinvited by CPAC to attend the conservative gathering.

Like Yiannapoulos, Wintrich spreads transphobia. One recent example:

Also like Yiannapoulos, he's many times derided women. One example:

Wintrich isn't exactly aligned with the LGBT rights movement, writing in January that "In a hilarious twist of fate, the mini-series When We Rise is going to be postponed to make room for President Trump's address to Congress."

Today in response to Decker -- who Wintrich says accused Gateway Pundit of being a "Nazi publication" -- Wintrich has repeatedly chided the Fox News Radio correspondent as a "Nazi" on Twitter. He shared a photoshopped image of Decker with a Hitler mustache and hat added. He also retweeted a Breitbart reporter who sniped that Decker's parents were Nazis.

Decker issued a statement reported by Politico, saying Wintrich's version of the incident is wrong. "At no time did I accost or assault this individual," said Decker. "More than a dozen witnesses will attest to this fact."

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