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7 Tweets Showing RuPaul’s Political Awakening


It's always been clear RuPaul was a smart cookie. He's not only managed to make a living in the drag world for decades, he's broken through to the mainstream and made RuPaul's Drag Race a crossover hit (winning an Emmy for best host in the process). 

For years, Ru's humor and worldview has been mostly nonoffensive, steering away from hot topics and political statements more common among queens like Ireland's Panti Bliss or Jose Sarria, the latter of whom was the first openly gay American to run for political office. But, like many of us, Ru seems a changed person since November.

“[RuPaul]’s never really had to go out and speak politics,” Drag Race producer Randy Barbato told The Advocate in December. “But until literally, this past year, it’s the first time that Ru has felt the need to — if you check his Twitter and stuff — he’s the most overtly political he’s ever been.”

We've noticed. Ru's Twitter feed has turned into required viewing in these troubled Trump years, providing a blueprint of how to rise to the challenge of a corrupt, racist, homophobic, transphobic administration with bravery, wit, and humor. Here are the best examples, including some Ru-sistance-minded retweets.









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