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Fox News' Eric Bolling Sues Reporter for $50M After Breaking Sex Scandal


Eric Bolling — a co-host of The Specialists on Fox News — is suing journalist Yashar Ali for his HuffPost article that reported Bolling sent unsolicited penis pictures to several colleagues at Fox Business and Fox News. Over a dozen sources have been cited in the story. Days later, Yashar announced that he'd found a lawsuit at his doorstep, precisely for $50 million.





Although most caught in a sexting scandal don't expose themselves to a lawsuit, Bolling is not going after The Huffington Post, but the individual journalist, who later insinuated that it was a PR stunt.



However, the Huffington Post has made it clear they will continue to support Ali in the litigation to come. 





The internet has mainly spoken on in support of Ali's reporting, noting how the expose was well cited and claiming it is a way to intimidate journalists.








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