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Brandi Carlile Drops Inspiring Video for Song About Her Queer Family

Brandi Carlile

Introducing her song “You and Me on the Rock” at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles last weekend, Grammy-winner Brandi Carlile explained that the title derived from a song she sang at a Bible camp as a kid. That song advised her to “build your house on a rock.”

Speaking to a packed crowd at the amphitheater in Griffith Park, she shared that her home is not the traditional kind that was espoused to her at evangelical Bible camp. But when she’s at home in Seattle with her wife, Catherine Shepherd,and their kids, Evangeline and Elijah, she knows she’s built her home on solid ground. Now,Carlile has dropped the uplifting video for “You and Me on the Rock.” The song is off her 2021 album In These Silent Days.

“I build my house up on this rock, baby / Every day with you /  There’s nothin’ in that town I need / After everything we’ve been through,” Carlile sings in the bright and inspirational tune.
“Me out in my garden and you out on your walk /  Is all the distance this old girl can take / Without listenin’ to you talk / I don’t need their money, baby / Just you and me on the rock.”

The animated video features Carlile playing and singing the song while her rock-solid home rises in the background.  The song and video also call out to eschewing fame and material objects for the sturdiness of the love of her family.

While not explicitly political, the video about the beauty of her life with her wife and kids drops amid political unrest around the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, where Justice Clarence Thomas signaled in his opinion that overturning Obergefell v. Hodges, which led to marriage equality nationally in 2015, could be next.

Watch the video for “You and Me on the Rock” below. 

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