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Dems Show Damning Video of Trump Insurrection, Includes Antigay Slur


Today marks the beginning of Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, this time for inciting a mob of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol, resulting in at least five deaths.

The Senate trial that began today was centered around constitutional questions about impeaching a former president (some constitutional scholars argue such an action is justified for accountability as well as making the case for disqualifying convicted politicians from running for office again).

Led by Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin, Democratic impeachment managers aired a video that went far beyond staid parliamentary concerns. The disturbing video lays out in blow-by-blow detail how Trump continued to lie to his supporters about his loss in the election, prodding them to "stop the steal" of an election he convinced them was fraudulent.

"We fight like hell and if we don't fight like hell, you don't have a country anymore," Trump told the crowd, urging them to march down Pennsylvania Avenue and toward the capitol.

The furious Trump supporters, some armed with weapons, threaten and attack capitol and Washington, D.C., police. A clip of the video shows two Trump supporters get in a police officer's face, calling him a "fucking prick" and an antigay slur, while another says, "We outnumber you a million to one here."

The video displays the escalating violence as House and Senate members, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as Vice President Pence, are rushed out of the congressional chambers as the mob closes in on them. The video is below, via CNN, but may be disturbing to viewers.

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