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24 Trump-Fighting Charities That Need Your Dollars

13 Giving Tuesday

13. Know Your IX
Trump prevailed despite some X-rated behavior and a memorably disgusting gloat aboard an Access Hollywood bus, but Know Your IX promises not to sit by and see rape culture normalized. Ostensibly named for its mission to educate college students about their Title IX rights, the group also gives voice to survivors of sexual assault and offers channels for reporting sexual harassment. The group has publicly questioned whether Trump’s election will turn back the clock on campus assault and committed to make sure it does not.

14 Giving Tuesday

14. Immigration Impact
A project of the American Immigration Council, this organization is geared for a major fight with a president hostile to millions of immigrants in this country. The group busily fact-checks the Donald (he says there are 3 million undocumented immigrants who are criminals; the true number is closer to 820,000) and will be lobbying against deportation policy both from the White House and the halls of Congress.

15 Giving Tuesday

15. Emily’s List
Looking for some “nasty women” of the political persuasion? Log off Craigslist and check out Emily’s List, an organization that trains Democratic women (who are pro-choice) in the basics of running for office, from school board to senator. The group had a hand in getting four women elected to the U.S. Senate this year (Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Maggie Hassan). And while that highest of glass ceilings remains, Trump surely can see the women ready to break through and send him back to Trump Tower.


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