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24 Trump-Fighting Charities That Need Your Dollars

22 Giving Tuesday

22. ProPublica
A fight for truthful journalism is a fight against the Trump administration. Fake news played too great a role in Trump’s election this year, but investigative journalism remains a costly expense for many media outlets that are supposed to hold the new administration responsible for its actions. ProPublica uses a nonprofit model to produce and disseminate investigative reporting. Check out the home page now to see a series of stories on the incoming administration that simply haven’t gotten much play on cable news. ProPublica employs the greatest Kryptonite for Trump policy: facts.

23 Giving Tuesday

23. Amnesty International
Defending human rights may have just gotten more dangerous with the election of Donald Trump. Amnesty International noted the Republican’s victory this year was part of a worldwide trend toward nationalist leadership. Calling Trump vision of the future “bleak,” the organization has promised to defend the victims of violence, harassment, and discrimination, both in the United States and abroad.

24 Giving Tuesday

GLAAD, which has pushed for better representation of LGBT individuals in the media and political realms for years, now has dedicated the Trump Accountability Project to databasing the hateful rhetoric and discriminatory policy sure to continue to spew from Trump and his alt-right minions. The group for years has tracked statements by noted homophobes like Tony Perkins and Ralph Reed, but keeping tabs on the incoming hater in chief may demand more work than ever.


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