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The Advocate Picks Its Phobie of the Year: Pat McCrory

02 Ted Cruz Phobie Treatement

There’s always Ted Cruz. The Texas senator and former Phobie of the Year made his best try for president, airing a transphobic TV commercial and reaching out to the most homophobic elements of the party along the way. Even though he did not win the Republican nomination, Cruz is not going away. He wants to be seen these days as a champion of “religious freedom” and is already planning to propose the First Amendment Defense Act in the next Congress — a proposal that President-elect Trump promised on the campaign trail to sign. It’s essentially a federal version of the “license to discriminate” laws that are such a fad at the state level among Republicans afraid of same-sex marriage and transgender people. Cruz says — without any evidence except “common sense” — that letting transgender people use the bathroom corresponding with their identity will lead to an increase in child molestation. In the annals of 2016, we’ll always remember that time when former House Speaker John Boehner referred to Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh.”


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