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Hey, Trump: John Lewis Is a Real Hero


John Lewis, a Democratic U.S. Representative, longtime civil rights leader, and committed LGBT ally, told Meet the Press's Chuck Todd what many have been saying privately: President-elect Donald Trump is "illegitimate." 

Lewis was referencing the concerted Russian effort to elect him and damage Hillary Clinton's candidacy — a scandal that seems to only grow in magnitude by the day. 

President-elect Donald Trump, predictably, didn't miss the opportunity to respond. 

Social media exploded with anger over Trump's attack on Lewis, who has spent his life fighting for justice.



John Lewis has served in the House of Representatives since 1987. Before that, he was a leader of the nonviolent civil rights movement of the 1960s, serving as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Lewis, who worked often with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., organized voting drives and helped plan the Selma to Montgomery marches. He was one of the original Freedom Riders, mixed-race civil rights activists who rode public buses throughout the South to stand against segregated public transportation. At only 21, Lewis was attacked by white men during one of the Freedom Rides. Lewis also helped organize the 1963 March on Washington and spoke at the legendary gathering. Lewis would go on to be elected to the Atlanta City Council before he joined Congress.

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