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As Protests Spread, Ivanka Trump Posts Clueless Photo

Ivanka and Jared

As protests swept to airports across the nation over President Trump’s Muslim ban, and as video was shared of tearful reunions by families separated because of government detentions, there was Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner smiling and dressed in high regalia.

It’s as if everyone on the Web noticed the cluelessness of that photo’s timing except the Kushners. 

References to “Let them eat cake” were plentiful on Twitter, where Ivanka Trump shared the photo without any comment. Actually considered more folklore than fact, the quote is attributed to Marie Antoinette and her out-of-touch view of suffering among the French people, who would go onto revolt. She offered cake as a solution to the bread shortage. 

There was a pivotal “women’s march” then, too. The women’s march of 1789 was a turning point when protesters demanded bread for their families during a march to Versailles. 

Comedians quickly got a sense for what was wrong with the Ivanka Trump photo, shared just after midnight:

But the most searing response included a photo of a Syrian refugee, now banned by President Trump from entering the country. 


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