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Thousands Swarm Stonewall Inn to Protest Trump


Over 2,000 protesters descended on Manhattan's historic Stonewall Inn — site of one of the first major LGBT uprisings — to express disgust at President Trump's actions.

New Yorkers braved the crowds and the cold to show their resistance, especially to Trump's furiously-signed executive orders. One of his most derided has been a ban on Syrian refugees and all people from seven Muslim-majority nations. A federal judge in Seattle found the ban unconstitutional on Friday and placed it on hold indefinitely.

“This guy’s so out of control [it's] crazy,” local resident Paul Nagle told the New York Daily News. The Greenwich Village protest was organized by Corey Johnson, an out New York City councilman.

Fears over an executive order legalizing religious-based discrimination against LGBT people continue unabated after a draft version of such an order was leaked to the press earlier this week. Sourced indicated Trump would unveil the executive order at the National Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday, but it never materialized. It's not clear if the timing was just deemed too sensitive to the administration, which is dealing with national protests and numerous legal challenges over the immigrant ban. The president is also under fire for a terror raid in Yemen that killed civilians, including a child, and a Navy Seal.

Trump has also reportedly considered rescinding Obama-era LGBT protections for workers employed by federal contractors, but that also did not come to light, at least yet. Since then, sources indicated that the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, urged the president to maintain the protections.

At Saturday's protests in New York, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer raised his fist at a podium emblazoned with a sign that spelled "Resist" in rainbow-colored letters. Schumer joined the chorus of "Dump Trump," as well.

"Let me remind people of why we're here," Schumer said, according to NBC New York. "The pioneers at Stonewall were alone, but they fought and fought and eventually they won. We are gonna do the same thing!"

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