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Nikki Haley Was Booed at N.Y. Pride and Can't Fathom Why

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley took to Twitter on Sunday to express dismay at being booed when she encountered — either on purpose or accidentally — the Pride parade happening in New York City.

The former South Carolina governor and Donald Trump’s current ambassador to the United Nations posted a cryptic tweet that sparked thousands of responses. Haley wrote that she and her son “were booed by patrons saying hateful things as we left lunch” during the Pride parade. “Our country is better than this,” she said of being booed, adding hashtag #HateNeverWins. 

On Instagram, Haley posted a photo of herself and her son, plus 10 other friends who she said were there when Haley was booed (somewhere in the West Village, according to commenters). 

“Fun hanging out with this group today as we took on the Pride Parade in NYC,” she wrote, adding hashtags #SCTakesOnNYC, #TeamHaleyUN, and #BooedButSmiling.

Haley was the first member of the Trump administration to speak publicly against the torture and murder of LGBT people happening now in Chechnya. GLAAD exacted pressure for days until she issued a statement as U.N. ambassador. The president, meanwhile, has said nothing. 

Haley couldn’t seem to figure out why she would’ve been booed by LGBT people, but Twitter was there to help. 

First, there seems to be a dispute about the amount of booing that Haley experienced.

Many others were sympathetic to the booing. Thousands of responses to the tweet are posted. Here’s a sampling:

The Log Cabin Republicans also responded to the tweet. 


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