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Trump Once Again Employs Anti-Semitism by Calling Feinstein 'Sneaky'


After Democratic California U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein released the Senate testimony of Glenn Simpson — the owner of Fusion GPS, which produced the controversial "dossier" on Donald Trump — the president was furious.



Using "sneaky" to describe the Jewish senator seemed pointed; it's a pejorative often directed at people of that faith. A German politician recently hurled the description at a peer, calling him a "Sneaky Jew."

The Anti-Defamation League has yet to weigh in on Trump's tweet and hasn't yet responded to a request for comment for The Advocate.

Many have already stated they understand Trump's intention with the tweet.





Trump has a long history of anti-Jewish controversies. Just to mention a few, he tweeted an image in 2016 that featured Hillary Clinton, a Star of David, and money. Trump later changed the image and claimed it was not meant to connote stereotypes about Jews and money. Last year he retweeted an article from a website that promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Most recently, writer Michael Wolffe wrote in his best-selling book on the Trump presidency, Fire and Fury, that Trump has a "creepy" fascination with who is Jewish within his administration.

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