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Wife of New White House Aide Has DisturbingTwitter History

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Darla Shine, wife of Bill Shine, has a history of racist, sexist, and transphobic tweets.

Bill Shine, the new White House deputy chief of staff for communications, has been accused of enabling sexual predators while he was an executive at Fox News. But his wife, Darla, has also drawn criticism - for her social media accounts, on which she has made racist and transphobic statements.

Darla Shine's Twitter account has been deleted, but Mediaite preserved some of her more incendiary statements via screen captures. Among them: that it's unfair for black people to use the n word when white people would be labeled racist for doing so; that it should be acceptable to display the Confederate battle flag; that vaccines cause autism, and that autism disproportionately affects black children; and that black celebrities should be held accountable for crimes committed by African-Americans. She further agreed with Donald Trump's comment that the U.S. should not be taking in immigrants from "shithole countries."

She also has defended Roseanne Barr, whose ABC show was canceled due to her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, an adviser to President Obama; posted several anti-Muslim tweets; and, on Facebook, insulted transgender women by writing, "Manmade vagina is still not as good as the real thing," the latter according to HufPost. Additionally, she has disparaged journalists such as Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly for accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment during his tenure as Fox News CEO.

And, Mediaite reports, she blamed the 2016 shooting of several police officers in Dallas on Obama, writing, "You really are a terrible President @BarackObama @POTUS allowing our police officers to be gunned down like this."

She also objected to a New York Times article about the traditional roles played by women in the white supremacist movement, saying "They call #WHITE #Mothers #TRADITIONAL #HOUSEWIVES WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZIS!" according to Mediaite. Darla Shine is a former TV producer and author of a book titled Happy Housewife, about why she loves being a stay-at-home wife and mother.

Medoaote wrote of her postings, "To be clear, these were not the private musings of the wife of a powerful individual. Darla Shine was a public and prolific blogger and social media participant who wanted her views to be seen and heard." Both Mediaite and The Washington Post sought comment from the White House, but so far have received none.

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