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Internet Pounces on Mike Pence's New Nickname From Donald Trump

Mike Pence

When President Donald Trump flubbed his vice president’s name, calling him “Mike Pounce,” it gave gay Twitter fresh reason to drag Mike Pence. And drag it did.

After Trump botched the name while listing conservative allies, Vox captured and shared the moment when the gaffe-prone president coined the delicious nickname of “Mike Pounce.”

And from there, social media took the cue.

Of course, the sexually charged innuendo provided particularly ironic material for satirizing a man who calls his wife "Mother" and won’t allow female staffers to be in a room with him alone.

And given Pence’s role in enacting homophobic and transphobic policy in an administration hostile to equality, users had no problem slamming Pence and asserting the message was a slight.

More than a few noted the mispronunciation should prompt questions about Trump's mental fitness.

But mostly, folks just beat up on Pence, the easiest of targets whatever name he is called by at a given time.

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