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LGBTQ+ Celebs & Allies Express Outrage Over Roe v. Wade Leak

LGBTQ+ Celebs & Allies Express Outrage Over Roe v. Wade Leak

Cher, Kathy Griffin, Roxane Gay, and George Takei
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George Takei, Cher, Roxane Gay, and more took to social media platforms to express their fury and hearbreak over the leaked Supreme Court decision.

A leaked draft of a U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has inspired many celebrities to take to social media to condemn the vote.

Politico released an initial draft opinion penned by right-wing Justice Saumel Alito, and the site reports that four other conservative judges -- Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh -- joined with Alito in the majority decision. While liberal justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Stephen Breyer are reportedly drafting dissents, it's still unclear which direction Chief Justice John Roberts will go.

Roberts has confirmed the authenticity of the draft opinion but stressed that "it does not represent a decision by the court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case," CNN reports.

Chillingly, in addition to repudiating the 1973 decision, which granted federal constitutional protection for aborion rights, Alito's opinion also criticizes the ruling Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated sodomy laws, seeminly tipping his hand that marriage equality is on the conservative court's docket to strike down.

Like many who turned to social media to voice their outrage over the leaked decision, celebrities made their feelings known on Twitter.

Out actor George Takei came out strongly against the news. "Those motherf*****s really did it. First they came for Black voters, then they targeted LGBTQ+ families. Now, women of America, they're overruling Roe v. Wade. We have to unite and strike back. Take to the streets. Overwhelm them at the ballot box. They have gone too damn far," he wrote. Adding that now is the time to start packing the court. "Those justices lied in their confirmation hearings about Roe being settled law. That is grounds to impeach them, or at least to expand the court to counter the effect of their blatant and intentional deception."

Some celebrities, like Yvette Nicole Brown and Kathy Griffin, shared a frustration over the fact that it didn't have to be this way. "If you are upset that #RoeVWade is about to be overturned by the Supreme Court but you didn't vote in 2016 or you voted for Trump because you didn't like the smart lady, YOU did this w/your apathy or your decision to choose an imp for President. YOU gave him THREE SCOTUS seats," wrote Brown.

"Roe v Wade has been overturned. Yes I know. Stay in my lane. Well I'd love to be posting about the met gala but this is the only attendee I care about," wrote Griffin, sharing a photo of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. "President Hillary Clinton never would've let Roe be overturned."

Clinton herself weighed in on the news on Twitter. "Not surprising. But still outrageous," she wrote. "This decision is a direct assault on the dignity, rights, & lives of women, not to mention decades of settled law. It will kill and subjugate women even as a vast majority of Americans think abortion should be legal. What an utter disgrace."

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had some choice words for the bothsidesism crowd. "As the staggeringly partisan, right wing-dominated SCOTUS nudges America closer to Handmaid's Tale status, the importance of voting in EVERY election becomes even more obvious. One would hope today's news erases any further delusions that 'both parties are pretty much the same.'" he wrote.

Many celebrities vented their rage at misogyny at the heart of the decision.


"Tonight our highest court declared war on more than half of its citizens -- women and birthing people everywhere. The overturning of Roe V Wade is a political act of violence against us and we will not accept it. We will fight and we will not stop. EVER." wrote actor Amber Tamblyn.

"How nice that these ideological nuts who don't care about democracy or the will of the people -- who overwhelmingly support a woman's right to choose -- can feel safe inside whilst they eviscerate our rights and condemn women to die. Abortion will never end. Only safe abortions." added Sophia Bush.

Mia Farrow joined Bush in pointing out the impact that this ruling will have on access to safe abortions. "Forced birth? Not really. I lived through the abortion ban years. The fact is that there wont be fewer abortions Women will continue to get the abortion they need. Except those abortions wont be safe. Many, many women and girls will be mutilated or die," she wrote.

"Get your Boots off our wombs," added actor Rosanna Arquette.

In a powerful thread, author Roxane Gay pointed out how women, particularly women in the poor and working classes, will face the brunt of this ruling. "I have typed and deleted a great many comments. What do you say when nine people can dictate what happens to your body? It's ridiculous and hateful. The court clearly wants to deepen the political crisis in this country and women will pay the price," she began. "We knew this court would overturn Roe v. Wade but it is stunning though not yet official. Is this the first SC leak ever? The repercussions are severe, and far-reaching, for women/people with uteri. I hope this enrages you. I hope it motivates you to action.

"The biggest of many problems is that this disproportionately affects the poor and working class. Wealthy and middle class women can simply travel to a state where abortion care is available. And they will. They always have."

She added that if this is going to change, Congress must act to protect abortion rights. "Also, it will take far more than voting to have bodily autonomy. Saying 'vote' does not actually mean much. Voting (or not voting) got us here. Congress has to act. The Democrats need to stop sitting in the middle of an aisle where no one is coming to meet them," she wrote.

Others joined Gay in her call for Congress to act -- including those inside Congress itself. "Congress must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land in this country NOW. And if there aren't 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes," wrote Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"People elected Democrats precisely so we could lead in perilous moments like these- to codify Roe, hold corruption accountable, & have a President who uses his legal authority to break through Congressional gridlock on items from student debt to climate. It's high time we do it," added Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez went on to point out that rolling back abortion rights is just the beginning for the right-wing justices -- and some within even her own party. "As we've warned, SCOTUS isn't just coming for abortion - they're coming for the right to privacy Roe rests on, which includes gay marriage + civil rights. Manchin is blocking Congress codifying Roe. House has seemingly forgotten about Clarence Thomas. These 2 points must change."

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