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LGBTQ+ Floridians & Allies May Decide the State's Next Governor

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Florida’s state government has been on a war path against the LGBTQ+ community in that state. A recent poll commissioned by GLAAD indicates that the LGBTQ+ community could significantly impact the governor’s race in Florida in November.

Legislation such as House Bill 1557, Parental Rights in Education, or the “don’t say gay” law are threatening the civil rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Florida. Recently, the state's department of health has released proposed rule changes to Medicaid to strip gender-affirming care from the program. 

GLAAD’s poll showed that 77 percent of their respondents “strongly agree it’s more important than ever to vote this year because ‘basic human rights for women and LGBTQ Floridians are [being eroded] by elected officials currently in charge of Florida's government.”

Almost 5 percent of the state’s residents identify as LGBTQ+, which is enough to swing an election. As GLAAD points out, the 2018 Florida elections had a turnout of more than 8 million people when Ron DeSantis won by only about 32,000 votes.

The Department of State reports that Florida has more than 14 million registered voters, which is more than in 2022. The upcoming November election is expected to have a more significant number of potential voters who will cast their ballots. Among the DOS voter data, it's important to note that more Republicans are registered than Democrats, a change from 2018, Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA reports.

The majority of Floridians who participated in the survey believe the bills will negatively impact LGBTQ+ children and parents, which may affect the motivation of these individuals to vote.

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Sixty-seven percent of Florida’s LGBTQ+ constituents and allies are “extremely motivated” to vote, GLAAD said.

“The results of the poll suggest that LGBTQ and ally voters are positioned to be decisive in Florida this November if the governor’s race is similarly close,” the organization said. It added, “[Seventy-seven percent] of LGBTQ and ally voters have an unfavorable opinion of Gov. DeSantis.”

Following recent restrictions or attempted restrictions by lawmakers and state leaders on everything from abortion to drag shows, respondents to the GLAAD survey said restoring abortion rights and protecting LGBTQ+ residents were top issues for them. High housing costs, inflation, and gun safety reofrms were also concerns for voters surveyed.

“Florida’s LGBTQ voters and ally voters have grave concerns about their basic human rights, including access to abortion, freedom of speech, and evidence-based healthcare for LGBTQ youth,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a release. “They’re motivated to make a difference in this crucial election.”

“The stakes are as high as ever: our civil liberties, the progress we’ve won, and our very democracy are on the line,” Equality Florida's press secretary, Brandon Wolf, said. “It is imperative that Floridians use the power of their votes to hold Gov. DeSantis and his right-wing allies accountable for the hate and bigotry they have unleashed on our state.”

A law like HB 1557, according to most poll respondents, is purely intended to attack LGBTQ+ people. 

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