Rob Reiner: Marriage Equality Is Coming

Rob Reiner: Marriage Equality Is Coming

Future generations will think it’s “ridiculous” that gay couples were ever denied the right to marry, says film director Rob Reiner, who has helped fund the court challenge to California’s anti–marriage equality Proposition 8.

Reiner made the remark Monday while appearing on Stephanie Miller’s nationally syndicated radio talk show, which is also simulcast on Current TV. Momentum, he said, is on the side of equality, with polls indicating that a majority of Americans support equal marriage rights, and some Republicans joining Democrats in the pro-equality camp, although there is still strong opposition in some quarters.

“By no stretch of the imagination have we won this,” Reiner said, noting that the Prop. 8 case is making its way through the courts and that fights over marriage equality are going on in several other states. But he predicted, “Years from now we’ll look back and say, ‘What was all that fuss about?’ People look back now and say, ‘You mean there was a time that women couldn’t vote? There was a time that blacks couldn’t vote or blacks couldn’t marry whites?’ I mean, we look at those things as ridiculous now, and we will look at this as being ridiculous, but right now we’re in the middle of a fight and we have to keep fighting. ... We’re going to win this, but we’ve got to keep our foot on the gas.”

Watch video of the interview here.

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