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Minister Wants to Someday Officiate Weddings for His Two Gay Sons

Minister Wants to Someday Officiate Weddings for His Two Gay Sons


In its repeated effort to make the message on marriage equality about love and commitment, a new ad from the Pride Foundation again showcases religious parents who want that special moment when they watch their son get married.

In the video, Lutheran minister Gib Rossing and his wife, Beth, of Olympia, Wash., explain how they accepted their son and his partner by getting to know them better.

"We came to love him for who he was," said Gib Rossing in the video. "We watch Jonathan and Ryan and see their profound love for one another and how they support one another."

If voters approve of the marriage equality law passed earlier this year by the legislature and signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire, and then if Jonathan and Ryan can get married, "I think that'd be great," Gib Rossing concludes happily.

The Rossings actually have two sons who are gay. And they talk about how their religion plays a part in their reasoning in a newspaper op-ed, and about Gib Rossing wanting to perform the wedding ceremonies, just as he has for his two daughters.

"When our eldest son told us he was gay, it was tough to get used to," they wrote. "When we were growing up nobody talked about gay and lesbian couples. It was a different era then. But we had to find some way to understand because he was still our son, the same one we'd loved all his life. We prayed about it and we came to realize that the greatest commandment is love -- and to treat others as we want to be treated. We knew that we had to listen to our son, and to open our ears and our hearts."

Kris Hermanns, executive director of Pride Foundation, said their story is part of a campaign that emphasizes love and commitment.

"Here in Washington, we treat all families with respect and fairness, because we believe in the Golden Rule of treating others as we want to be treated," said Hermanns in a statement. "This advertisement reflects our fundamental values, and will supplement the conversations we've had across the state about the important of marriage for all loving and committed couples."

Watch the video below.

Correction: Rev. Gib Rossing is a Lutheran minister.

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