WATCH: Which Jersey Shore Cast Member Opposes Marriage Equality?

WATCH: Which Jersey Shore Cast Member Opposes Marriage Equality?

Thursday's vice presidential debates were not the only contest of wills this week. Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick had an internet face-off with openly gay entertainer Adam Barta on a hot-button political issue: should same-sex marriage be legalized?

“I love gay people,” the reality star prefaced on, a forum for digital debates. “I have a lot of friends that are gay. If you want to date each other, fine. We’ll see how it works. But in the end, they should really go and marry the other type.”

“I pay my taxes, and I’m a citizen,” countered Barta, whose single "Standing in the Rain" was named a favorite Jersey Shore "fist-pumping beat" by Z100. “Why wouldn’t I have that right?”

Angelina Pivarnick was a founding member of MTV’s hit reality show, Jersey Shore, in which she referred to herself as the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.” Her unvarnished opinions and confrontational demeanor were perennial sources of conflict with her cast mates, who shared close quarters in Seaside Heights, NJ. She was replaced by Deena Nicole Cortese in season 3.

Pivarnick, a practicing Catholic, added that “God did not intend people to be gay.” She also admitted that she has “kissed girls before…in clubs,” but has no intention of carrying these relationships any further.

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