Marriage Ban in Indiana Faces Political Headwind

Marriage Ban in Indiana Faces Political Headwind

The politics of marriage equality in Indiana are hard to read lately.

A new poll from Ball State University finds the public evenly divided, with 45% supporting same-sex marriage, 45% opposed and 10% undecided. But even with that division, 54% of respondents said they would oppose a constitutional ban on gays and lesbians being married.

Republicans in the state have threatened to push for a second round of voting needed in the legislature to send a constitutional ban to voters. But incoming Republican governor Mike Pence doesn't seem all that charged up about the idea.

"Let me comment on that after decisions are made at the Indiana General Assembly this year on what they want to address and when," he said during a news conference, side-stepping the issue, according to Indiana News Center.

The former congressman and rising star in his party is against same-sex marriage. That much has long been clear. "But I just think now is the time for Hoosiers to focus on getting this economy moving," he said.

In neighboring Illinois, things are headed in the entirely opposite direction. Lawmakers there announced plans to push for marriage equality legislation before the session ends in early January.

North Carolina is the most recent state to ban same-sex marriage via its constitution, with voters approving the measure overwhelmingly earlier this year. But in Minnesota, voters became the first in the country to derail the antigay amendment, and as a result talk among activists is now focused on how to get marriage equality passed in the state.

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