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Busted! French Antigay Website Created by NOM

Busted! French Antigay Website Created by NOM

As protests swelled in Paris this weekend, in response to President Francois Hollande's plan to legalize same-sex marriage, a new French website, Laissez-Nous Voter, which translates to Let Us Vote, showed up urging that France's citizens be allowed to vote on same-sex marriage rights, presumably because they believe they can block marriage equality from happening.

Good as You writer Jeremy Hooper, though, uncovered the folks behind the French opposition site: the National Organization for Marriage. The site was created by "none other than Texan Colton Brugger, the OPUSFidelis tech guy who does all of the National Organization For Marriage's web work."

Hooper added that NOM president Brian Brown is actually in France, presumably to help agitate local Catholics who were the largest number of participants in this weekend's protests. Back2Stonewall's Will Kohler dubbed the weekend "Colton Brugger, Brian Brown, and the National Organization for Marriage starring in Les Doucherables!"

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