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Kristen Bell Reacts to the Supreme Court Decision With a Proposal

Kristen Bell Reacts to the Supreme Court Decision With a Proposal

After spending years saying that they wouldn't marry until there was full marriage equality, Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell and her partner, Parenthood star Dax Shepard, have been seen as some of Hollywood's staunchest marriage equality allies.

In 2012, Bell told The Advocate'Brandon Voss, "Yeah, I get a ton of questions about when Dax and I are getting married. I usually blow them off because it’s nobody’s business. To be honest with you — and this is the first time I’ve ever said this to a journalist, but it feels like the perfect time and place — the reason we’re not rushing to get married is because I don’t feel appropriate taking advantage of a right that’s denied to my best friends. That’s why we’ve been so hesitant. Dax and I have talked about it a lot, and this issue is very important to both of us. We’re just standing up for what we believe in. Period. Listen, we’re on your side. I recently tweeted about this embarrassing poster that shows how many states where you can marry your same-sex significant other and how many more states where you can marry your cousin. It’s fucking ridiculous."

She also did a Human Rights Campaign video for Americans for Equality, in which she said, “It breaks my heart that millions of gay Americans can’t marry the one they love.”  

But,after today's Supreme Court rulings striking down both Proposition 8 and part of the Defense of Marriage Act, Bell tweeted Shepard a very short proposal. Can we answer for him?

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