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Marriages to Continue in Utah

Marriages to Continue in Utah

Same-sex weddings will continue in Utah, as a federal judge this morning denied a motion from the state to stop them while the appeals process continues.

The ruling came from U.S. District Judge Robert A. Shelby, the same judge who struck down Utah’s marriage ban Friday, the Associated Press reports. “Utah lawyers are expected to ask a higher court to put the process on hold,” the AP notes.

A federal appeals court Sunday rejected the state’s request for a stay on Shelby’s Friday ruling, as Shelby hadn’t acted on a motion to stay it. After he did so today, the appeals court rejected another request from the state.

Same-sex couples began marrying Friday, and hundreds more were lining up at county clerks’ offices to get marriage licenses today, the AP reports. Even if Shelby’s decision is ultimately overruled, the marriages being performed now will likely still be valid, according to legal experts.

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