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Supreme Court: Marriage Equality Back On in Nevada

Supreme Court: Marriage Equality Back On in Nevada

Despite an order earlier today putting marriage equality on hold in Idaho, the Supreme Court just announced that same-sex couples will be able to marry in Nevada in the very near future, reports BuzzFeed 's Chris Geidner. 

Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, who oversees petitions from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Idaho, Nevada, and seven other U.S. states), Wednesday afternoon lifted the stay that had been granted on the Ninth Circuit's Tuesday decision overturning Nevada's ban on marriage equality. Since Nevada officials had stopped defending the ban in court and do not plan to appeal the decision, the ruling of the appeals court can take effect, reports Geidner.

Initial analysis of Kennedy's first Wednesday order granting Idaho's request for a stay on Tuesday's ruling regarding Idaho and Nevada's marriage bans indicated that the hold extended to both states referenced in the consolidated case. However, with a second order published "upon further consideration," Kennedy clarified that the stay referenced in his first order only extended to Idaho, where the attorneys for the state's Republican leadership had already announced a plan to request a rehearing of their case from a full panel of the Ninth Circuit. 

This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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