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Marriage Equality

WATCH: New Antigay Proposals Are Getting Weird and Unlawful

WATCH: New Antigay Proposals Are Getting Weird and Unlawful


Meanwhile, marriage equality is more popular with Americans than the Pope.

The latest attempts to stop marriage equality are interesting not because they pose any serious threat, but because they are wildly off-kilter.

For example, there's Texas State Rep. Molly White's proposed legislation, which would give Texas the authority to ignore a pro-equality ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. There's just one glaring hole in the law: it's not actually possible to do that. States cannot simply "opt out" of obeying a Supreme Court ruling. Even if her law were to pass the state's Republican-controlled legislature and Governor, it has no chance of passing constitutional muster in the inevitable (and likely immediate) legal challenge it would face.

Then there's the Alabama Supreme Court, which ordered probate judges (who are responsible for issuing marriage licenses in the state) to disregard the federal injunction against the state's marriage ban. Once again, this isn't how the law is supposed to work: not only do federal courts trump state courts, but it's questionable whether the Alabama Supreme Court even has the authority to adjudicate this case, since it didn't originate in a lower, state-level court.

For now, marriage equality has stopped in Alabama, but various civil rights groups have challenged the State Supreme Court ruling, so weddings may resume soon.

But the strangest maneuver might be that of Oklahoma State Rep Rodd Russ. He had originally proposed a measure that would take marriage out of the hands of the state, and instead leave the solemnization of unions solely to religious officials. But after several rounds of revisions, the bill has been watered down to the point that it mostly amounts to a change in terminology, and slightly less paperwork. Even if the bill passes, it will have completely failed to meet Russ's apparently original intention of frustrating LGBT couples.

Get up to speed on the state of marriage equality and opponents's rapid descent into madness below:

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