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Marriage Equality

WATCH: Straight Irish Dad Has Best Reason Yet to Support Marriage Equality

WATCH: Straight Irish Dad Has Best Reason Yet to Support Marriage Equality


There are eight days until Ireland's referendum on marriage equality. The polls say it is likely to pass; and one Irish dad wants his countrymen to know why he's voting yes.

An Irish man who is about to marry the woman he loves has posted a compelling new video on YouTube explaining why he wants same-sex couples to be able to marry in Ireland.

Marriage equality supporters in Ireland have often turned to heartfelt, touching video to make their case for a "yes" vote in the country's May 22 referendum. Several of those clips, some featuring big-name stars from Ireland like Brian Gleeson, Aaron Heffernan and Sarah Jane Seymour, have gone viral.

But there's something irresistible about a simple, new clip made by a young, straight Irish dad who wants his newborn son to grow up in a country where he will have the freedom to marry whomever he loves, regardless of their gender.

Patrick Corr's homemade, thoroughly watchable clip calls out the silliness of fearing marriage equality, while also giving a primer about the history of legal recognition for same-sex relationships in Ireland, from the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1993, to civil unions in 2010, and the legalization of adoption by same-sex and cohabiting couples earlier this year. Corr directs this history to those who may be "confused" about what the referendum will and won't change in Ireland, in the wake of misleading fear-mongering campaigns being waged by those opposed to marriage equality.

Irish voters will go to the polls on May 22, where they'll have the chance to decide whether or not Ireland will become the first country in the world to embrace marriage equality by a popular vote.

UPDATE: Following is an exclusive Q&A with Patrick Corr about why he decided to make his "Yes" video and why he hopes Ireland will join him in voting for marriage equality next week.

What inspired you to make the video?
Being a filmmaker by trade, it made sense for me to use this medium to be part of the discussion on equality happening right now in Ireland. However, what really drove me to actually sit down and put together a film was witnessing the hardships that some of my close friends have had to endure as members of the LGBT community, especially recently.

Unsurprisingly there's been an enormous amount of discussion in the Irish media in the lead-up to the referendum and one of the unfortunate consequences is that it opens up a platform for online bullying and harassment aimed at the LGBT community. I want the LGBT community to know that there are plenty of straight dads who fully support them; and I hope i've achieved that with my video!

When's your wedding day and how do you feel about getting married?
My partner Leanne and I don't have a specific date planned, though we do know it will certainly be in the coming year. We're in the process of saving up for our first house; and as soon as that's out of the way, roll on the wedding bells!

What would you say to people in Ireland, the U.S., and around the world who oppose marriage equality?
This referendum is about equality, love and opportunity for our brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues. People all over the world are struggling to come to terms with their sexual identity, and those who have been lucky enough to accept themselves for who they are may suddenly find that the world doesn't necessarily accept them back. This referendum and others like it can change all that.

Watch Corr's video below.

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