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WATCH: A Rare Peek Inside the Bubble That Is Fox News

WATCH: A Rare Peek Inside the Bubble That Is Fox News

If you weren't watching Fox News last night, then you missed an entertaining and perhaps telling moment of dissension among the ranks.

Immediately after Fox News' own decision desk called Ohio for Obama, sending the entire election to the Democrat, Karl Rove had a fit, complaining that the network (and implicitly others) had called the state much too early.

"I think this is premature," he said. "I don't know what the outcome is going to be but we've got to be careful about calling things." Rove even invoked the specter of the 2000 election when bad calls were overturned.

His doubts got an odd reaction on the set of Fox News. "That's awkward," one of the anchors said in response. Then anchor Megyn Kelly was sent with a camera crew in tow and microphone in hand back to the office where the number-crunchers were doing all that pesky math.

"We'll do a little interrogation," she quipped.

The decision desk members stood unequivocally behind their arithmetic. "We are actually quite comfortable with the call in Ohio," they told Kelly.

Still, Rove wasn't satisfied. One of the many edited clips being shared online ends with Rove getting lectured on how science works.

The clip is perhaps the epitome of why Fox News itself is getting a lot of the blame for Republican rank-and-file being so certain that Romney was in for a big victory. One writer for The Atlantic said right-wing media had failed its readers and viewers.

"Before rank-and-file conservatives ask, 'What went wrong?', they should ask themselves a question every bit as important: 'Why were we the last to realize that things were going wrong for us?'" writes Conor Friedersdorf.

Watch the clip below. It's being shared all over the web.

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