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Right Wing Roundup: Hillary as Lesbian President, Pope Francis And Satan Are Besties

Right Wing Roundup: Hillary as Lesbian President, Pope Francis And Satan Are Besties


Whether they're claiming that Hillary would be the first lesbian president or that gay rights aren't civil rights because black people didn't have Ellen DeGeneres, these are the highlights of the latest right-wing hysteria.

Right Wing Watchhas built a sizable online audience by collecting the most heinous rhetoric spewed by the far-right wing of American politics and commentary. As a project of the progressive organization People for the American Way, the site regularly features noted homophobes like Bryan Fischer, conservative radio host and president of issues analysis for the antigay American Family Association, right-wing darling Glenn Beck, antigay president of the Liberty Counsel Mat Barber, and press releases and statements from the certified antigay hate-group Family Research Council.

This weekend, there was no shortage of wingnut rhetoric on conservative media outlets, and as always, RWW was there to catch it all. Here are some of our "favorites" -- if they can be called that.

On his radio show's Friday broadcast, AFA's Bryan Fischer claimed that if elected, Hillary Clinton would become the "first lesbian president." But RWWnotes only moments before, Fischer cited a quote from the U.K. Daily Mail's Ginnifer Flowers claiming that Clinton's husband, former president Bill Clinton, told her that Hillary was bisexual.

In the segment, excerpted below, Fischer reads a quote from Flowers, which says "I just know what Bill told me -- and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn't care..."

In Fischer's opinion, that means "if Hillary Clinton becomes president in 2016, she will not only be our first female president, she could be our first lesbian president."

Watch Fischer's faulty logic below:

RWW also captured the hysterics of notorious homophobe Peter LaBarbera, who heads up the antigay Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, a right-wing Christian group that claims to counter "the homosexual activist agenda with opinion and commentary."

LaBarbera has earned the nickname "Porno Pete" among LGBT bloggers for his obsession with graphically described sex acts and his habit of attending San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair to document leather daddies in photographs, ostensibly to expose immorality. But on Monday, LaBarbera set his sights on Pope Francis, who made headlines last week for saying that the Catholic Church should focus less on abortion and homosexuality.

Touting that his organization "works closely with conservative Catholics from around the nation," LaBarbera frets that the newly minted Pope is "naive about the aggressive homosexualist agenda."

But then LaBarbera really ratchets up the hysteria: "I dare say that a more sinister plot to undermine the Catholic Church and its reputation could not have been carried out had Satan's earthly minions spent $100 million devising one," writes LaBarbera, before claiming that homosexual priests are responsible for the epidemic of child sexual abuse within the church. Read LaBarbera's full rant here at RWW.

Finally, in a bigotry double-whammy, a former navy chaplain who was court-martialed for wearing his uniform to a protest, and has been vocal about his opposition to marriage equality and the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," hosted antigay author Michael Brown on his web series "Pray In Jesus Name."

Brown, who authored the book A "Queer" Thing Happened to America, argued that LGBT equality shares no similarities with the fight for civil rights for African-Americans, because, he claims, there were no widely popular black celebrities during segregation.

Brown says that because race is an outwardly visible characteristic, it can't be equated with sexual orientation, then gets specific with his false equivalencies. "During the days of segregation, we didn't have people like Ellen DeGeneres who were national celebrities who were black and just loved by the whole nation," Brown said. Attempting to solidify his point, Brown said "we didn't have a gay or lesbian president -- we have a black president now -- [so] you can't compare these things at all."

Perhaps someone should put Brown and Fischer in touch, so they can share a conniption over Hillary Clinton's intent to bring lesbianism to the White House.

Watch Brown's comments below.

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