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Anti-LGBT Activist Links Trans People to Satan, Calls Robin Roberts 'Tragic'

Anti-LGBT Activist Links Trans People to Satan, Calls Robin Roberts 'Tragic'

Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, a group "dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda," appeared on a Christian radio program Thursday to condemn Robin Roberts’s coming out as a lesbian.

He also used the interview with VCY America’s Crosstalk to characterize transgender people as a work of Satan and accuse President Obama of "celebrating homosexuality."

In the interview with VCY America’s Vic Eliason, LaBarbera weighed in on the recent coming-out of Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. "Every coming-out is a tragedy," said LaBarbera, attacking Roberts for her "defiance." 

In a later exchange, Eliason and LaBarbera took turns lobbing insults at the very concept of being transgender. "Transgender advocates are people who believe that their biological sex, male or female, doesn’t match what they feel,” LaBarbera began. "I'll tell you what, Vic, Satan really works through feelings, doesn’t he?"

But "life is not what you feel," continued LaBarbera. "If every married couple acted on their given feelings day-to-day, we would have a lot more divorces in this culture, wouldn’t we? Feelings do not determine truth."

Not to be outmatched, Eliason jumped in: "Years and years ago, the old-fashioned circus used to have a display in some kind of cage or a display factor that had a 'bearded lady' as a freak. Today, we don't even have to worry about that. It will be happening in your department stores. It will be happening in the public school."

Listen to portions of the interview below, via Right Wing Watch:

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