Will Bachmann Get Booted Out of Congress?

Will Bachmann Get Booted Out of Congress?

Antigay Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is losing support among independents, according to new polls reported on by Jezebel.

Bachmann leads her Democratic challenger, Jim Graves, by only two percentage points, according to a Democratic-leaning poll. While Graves's campaign pushed for the poll, therefore bringing its impartiality into question, it still offered evidence that Bachmann is losing support among independents. With her tendency for gaffes, including linking a Hillary Clinton staffer with the Muslim Brotherhood, Bachmann's popularity appears to be waning. Over the last two months, support for Bachmann among independents dipped 20 percentage points.

While there is no third party candidate to siphon votes from Graves, Bachmann is a clear leader in fund-raising. And even if Bachmann gets the boot in November, Jezebel is pretty sure she'll do just fine as a host on Fox News.

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