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Dan Savage Praises Butterfinger for 'Monogamish' Super Bowl Ad

Dan Savage Praises Butterfinger for 'Monogamish' Super Bowl Ad

Sex columnist and LGBT activist Dan Savage is praising Butterfinger's prescribed three-way as "monogamish" done right.

The Super Bowl ad has Peanut Butter and Chocolate seeing a couples therapist, who suggests they spice up their bland relationship.

"What if you were to try something different?" asks the counselor, before a male Butterfinger gets in between them on the couch.

"I'm sorry what are we doing here?" says the skeptical male Peanut Butter before really getting into it.

Savage almost immediately shared the video on Twitter, praising it for bending boundaries. "Proud of #Butterfinger for promoting threesomes?!? Fuck proud! I want residuals and credit for the concept!" Savage joked that he's awaiting the One Million Moms protest.

Watch the video below:

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