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Two More Olympic Sponsors Condemn Russian Law

Two More Olympic Sponsors Condemn Russian Law

The CEO of yogurt maker Chobani, a sponsor of the United States Olympic Committee, announced that the company was officially opposed to Russia's antigay laws.

CEO Hamdi Ulukaya said Wednesay that as a company, "We oppose Russia's anti-LGBT law," according to CNBC. The announcement came along with news that DeVry University, another USOC sponsor where 15 Olympians are enrolled, also condemned Russia's antigay laws. Earlier this week, AT&T wrote an open letter to the International Olympic Committee, trumpeting the company's history of support for LGBT consumers, as well as condemning "violence, discrimination, and harassment targeted against LGBT people," especially in Russia.

The New York-based company, which was to supply yogurt to American athletes, was blocked from shipping 5,000 containers to the Olympic Village this week.

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