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Sportscaster Dale Hansen Back to Defend Michael Sam

Sportscaster Dale Hansen Back to Defend Michael Sam

Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen of WFAA (and YouTube fame) said Monday that Michael Sam should not have been chosen so late in the NFL draft.

"Was the 249th pick in that draft. You'll never convince me that there are 248 better college players and NFL prospects in that draft," Hansen said Monday. "Two hundred forty-eight better than the SEC's Defensive Player of the Year? There's just no way."

He also took to task people who expressed outrage that Sam's celebratory kiss was aired on ESPN, including University of Texas quarterback Case McCoy, who tweeted, "ESPN… You serious right now?"

Referring to McCoy, Hansen replied, “Which is ironically what most Texas fans said when Case McCoy ran onto the football field."

Hansen also joked that he was a little miffed that none of the gay men he's worked with over his 40-year career have ever hit on him.

Earlier this year, when Sam came out, Hansen famously defended the football player, skewering those who criticized him anonymously in a Sports Illustrated article.

In February, Hansen said, "It wasn't that long ago that we were being told that black players couldn't play in our games because it would be uncomfortable. And even when they finally could, it took several more years before a black man played quarterback because we weren't comfortable with that either."

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