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Prince George Loves Ballet, and GMA Laughter Draws Twitter Ire

Prince George Loves Ballet, and GMA Laughter Draws Twitter Ire

Lara Spencer and Prince George

Were the GMA hosts laughing at the child's love of ballet, his overscheduled childhood, or both?


Good Morning America's hosts sparked outrage on Twitter when, during a segment highlighting 6-year-old U.K. Prince George's overscheduled childhood, Lara Spencer appeared to laugh at George's love of ballet, prompting the other hosts to laugh in response.

One Twitter user posted the GMA clip with the caption "So here's a clip of a grown woman @LaraSpencer @GMA laughing at and shaming 6-year-old Prince George for liking ballet. Despicable."

"A boy who does ballet is no less of an athlete than a boy who plays baseball. These artificial gender restrictions we place on society are tired and damaging," the poster, Danny MD, continued in a thread.

"Let's use this as an opportunity to spread awareness and educate on how harmful gender stereotypes can be and what steps we need to take as a society. Personal attacks/threats are unacceptable and just as bad. Fight hate with love, not more hate," Danny MD wrote.

In the lead-up to the laughter that followed Spencer's announcement that George was enrolled in ballet and loved it, she delivered a litany of the child's classes.

"Young Prince George, just 6 years old, heading back to school like so many kids around the world. ... Unlike other kids his age, it sounds like the third in line for the throne is in for quite a demanding year," Spencer said, already appearing to chuckle.

"Details of George's curriculum have been released, making us all really happy we don't have to do homework anymore. In addition to the usual second-grade things like math, science, and history the future king of England will be putting down the Play-Doh to take on religious studies, computer programming, poetry, and ballet, among other things," she said, laughing.

The segment cut to a picture of a laughing Prince George and Spencer saying that he looks "so happy" about the ballet.

"Prince William says Prince George absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you, Prince William, we'll see how long that lasts," Spencer added before highlighting the fact that George doesn't appear to have time to just be a kid.

"He might [love ballet], but between the religious studies and the computer programming, I just want to go back to the Play-Doh," she said, prompting cohost George Stephanopoulos to laugh heartily.

Tweets in response to the original poster accused the GMA hosts of promoting "toxic masculinity" and ordering her to "publicly apologize." As of Friday afternoon, Spencer apologized.

"My deepest apologies for an insensitive comment I made during pop news on Thursday," Spencer posted Friday on Instagram Stories, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "From ballet, which I took as a kid, to anything in life you wish to explore, I fully believe we should all pursue our passion. Go climb your mountain -- and love every minute of it."

Here is a roundup of responses to the GMA hosts.

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