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Fran Drescher Loves 'Hot Goss' and Her Lesbian Daughter in Indebted 

Fran Drescher

Debbie (Fran Drescher) can't wait to meet her daughter's new girlfriend — but first, she and her family must address a hard truth about their love of "hot goss."

In this exclusive clip from tonight's episode of the NBC comedy, Joanna (Jessy Hodges) sits her loved ones down to talk about the girl she has been dating for two months, who may be "the one."

Whereas some LGBTQ people might be hesitant to introduce their partners to family members due to a fear of rejection, Joanna has the opposite problem. Her family is excited to meet the woman, but Joanna fears they may be "a lot" to handle. In particular, their propensity to "talk a lot about people" might drive her love interest away.

In addition to gossip, the family is afflicted with some financial issues. Indebted centers on what happens when Debbie and Stew (Steven Weber) are forced to move in with their son, Dave (Adam Pally), and his wife, Rebecca (Abby Elliott), after going into major debt. 

Watch the clip below, and see Indebted's "Hot Goss" episode tonight at 9:30 Eastern and Pacific on NBC.

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