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Trans Cyclist Slams 'Bigots' After Winning Female World Championship


Rachel McKinnon's message to transphobes: My victory is legitimate.

Rachel McKinnon made history last weekend in Los Angeles when she became the first trans woman to win the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships.

But instead of being toasted for her victory, the South Carolina gender studies professor -- who hails from Canada and competed as a Canadian -- has been inundated with hate and transphobia on Twitter.

In addition to her victory, McKinnon set a new world record Sunday during the women's 34-39 sprint qualifying flying 200m, with a time of 0:00:11.92, according to Cycling News (which noted that McKinnon's record was later broken by another cyclist that weekend).

But after tweeting about her record and victory on Saturday, McKinnon was soon met with an avalanche of hate. The Advocate is not sharing the cruel tweets, many of which accused McKinnon of "being a man" and cheating. The UCI cycling championship adheres to the same rules on trans athletes as the International Olympic Committee, which requires trans women maintain low levels of testosterone for at least a year prior to competing.

For the past five days, McKinnon has been forced to defend herself.

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