Kickstarter Campaign for Guide to Gay Paree

Kickstarter Campaign for Guide to Gay Paree

Among the many attractions of Paris is its large and thriving LGBT scene, but no available travel guide covers this. Travel writer Bob Adams is aiming to fill the gap, and he has started a Kickstarter campaign to help publish his book, LGBT Paris: A Gay and Lesbian Travel Guide to the City of Light.

The book “covers the history, culture, cuisine, and nightlife of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Paris,” Adams says in a video on his Kickstarter page. It is “designed to give you all the information you can’t find anywhere else,” he adds.

California-based Adams, a frequent traveler to Paris, notes that the city has two dozen gay bars, 25 gay cafés and restaurants (and many more gay-friendly ones), countless gay-focused shops, several legal gay sex clubs, and more than 100 LGBT organizations. His guidebook will provide information on all of them as well as on Paris’s gay neighborhoods, museum exhibits of LGBT interest, and historical and literary connections such as Gertrude Stein’s salon, famous LGBTs interred at Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and the same-sex affairs of French royalty.

For more information go to Adams’s Kickstarter page. His campaign runs through October 15. 

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