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Photoshop Lies Exposed! 

Photoshop Lies Exposed! 

The Try Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women

What happens when men try to live up to the Photoshop standards expected of women? 

It's hard to be a woman with a body in this day and age. Women are constantly bombarded with images of truly unattainable bodies, Photoshopped to perfection. Then we are sold products meant for us to use to make up for "deficiencies" that are often just the by-products of our humanity.

While men also face beauty standards, a fat man in a bathing suit will never prompt as much outrage or staring as a larger woman in a bikini. While some may argue that the LGBT community is great because it offers a place for everyone, heteronormative notions of attractiveness still prevail.

Countless gay dating profiles state "no fats, no fems," exposing deeply ingrained hatred against those whom society deems least acceptable. There is a bias against transgender people who do not "pass." For queer women, the butch/femme dynamic may impose many of the same gendered pressures of heterosexuality.

To expose the double standard concerning men's and women's appearances, the "Try Guys" from BuzzFeeddecided to subject themselves to female Photoshop beauty standards, taking on poses of Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and others who have been accused of excessive use of Photoshop. They sought to unveil the deception present in nearly every photographic image we see.

In an era when a special hashtag, #nofilter, is used to indicate a picture hasn't been altered in production, it's worth thinking more about our relationship with the images we consume and put into the world on a regular basis. Is a picture worth 1,000 words anymore? Are we becoming living paintings, as these men suggest?

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