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That's Amoré! 11 Irresistible Images of What Happened When Rome Recognized Same-Sex Marriages

That's Amoré! 11 Irresistible Images of What Happened When Rome Recognized Same-Sex Marriages

Rome's mayor is rebelling against Italy's government by registering same-sex couples who are legally married in their home countries as "couples married abroad," reports Reuters.

Although the ceremony mayor Ignazio Marino performed for 16 couples this weekend was largely symbolic, it wasn't without substance. By registering the couples as legally wed foreigners, each of the 32 people now has some standing in terms of inheritance, property rights and other important legal issues in Italy. "Today is a splendid day," Marino said, according to reports, as he saluted the couples.

To be clear, same-sex marriage itself remains illegal in Italy. However, as the photos demonstrate, things are changing in the world's home of Roman Catholicism.


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Rome's mayor, Ignazio Marino (center), poses with gay families after he registered 16 same-sex marriages on October 18 at the city hall reception room.

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Police  stand guard as a group protests in front of Rome's city hall during the registration.

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Ignazio Marino (center), speaks with Dario De Gregorio and Andrea Rubera (right) and their children after he registered their marriage.

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Patrizia Bonamici and Cristina Franchini kiss after Marino registered their marriage.

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Marino (center) poses with Tommaso Giartosio and Gianfranco Goretti (right) and their children.

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Marino speaks with Emanuele Bacchi (left) and Alves Da Silva (right).

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Marino (center) speaks with Maria Rosa Ciccopedi and Ornella Oliva (right) after he registered their marriage.

457424072X633 0
Marino (left) registers the marriage of Johnatan Dominic Spada (center) and Fabrizio Maffeo.

457424408X633 0
Marino  poses with Lorenzo Biagini and Paolo Sordini (right).

457424630X633 0
 Marino (center) poses with a couple after registering their marriage.

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