Aug Sept 2016
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The Advocate

The Art of Gay Love: Getting in the Mood for Valentine's Day

Love is a thief in the night; love stinks; love in never having to say you're sorry; love is in the air; love is a battlefield; love to love you, baby. Love takes many forms and expressions. It can be an elevated spiritual experience, it can feel like a wrenching gut ache, and a great love affair can change the course of history.

Our artist and photographer contributors show the range of love from sweet and tender to raging and all-consuming.

01 Beliebonerx600 Poly Guo

Puppy Love by Polly Guo

02 Box Glee Dworax560

Marriage-Minded by Dwora Fried

03 X560 Macisaac

Dipping Your Toes in the Pool of Love by Steve MacIsaac

04 Batmanrobinx633 Bonneau

Love in a Cape by Philip Bonneau

05 Cauro

Love Me Tender by Cauro Hige

06 Dani And Jen Dugan

A Portrait of Love (Dani and Jen) by Jess Dugan

07 Bubble Bunnies Guerra

Bubble Bunnies in Love by Alexander Guerra

08 CharlieMatthew Set A 07bwxrosser

Love Muscle (Charlie and Matthew) by Dylan Rosser

09 Closets Are For Clothesxsherer

Early Love by Robert Sherer

10 Dubravskyx560

Rabbit Fantasy Love by Andrej Dubravsky

11 Landreth MegReneex560

Dream Date Love by Molly Landreth

12 Merrick2x560

Potboiler Love by Victor Gadino

13 Elisar Von KupfferANDSulla SpiaggiaX633

Love Is Discipline by Elisar von Kupffer

14 Fallon02x560

Lesbian Love Drama by John Fallon

19 Ghiaccio2x633 Bindella

Drowning in Love by Claudio Bindella

20 HereMedia Rick Castro Formalaffair PlayboySM

Love Hostage by Rick Castro

21 Landreth RonniJox560

Orthodox Love by Molly Landreth

22 Hearts Key E Gibbons

Love Is Patient, by E. Gibbons

23 My Homeboys Rudy And Frank Silva

Homeboy Love by Hector Silva

24 Lee And Gunner Dugan

Portrait of Love (Lee and Gunner) by Jess Dugan

25 Oaf Smusherrrr Concert Luce

Smusher Love by Ed Luce

26 OdomBoyskissx560 Love

Love and Lust by Mel Odom

27 Querellex633 Bindella

Dripping With Love by Claudio Bindella

28 ROB ERIC Set B 04Xrosser

Naked Love by Dylan Rosser

29 Starsx633 Bindella

Love Crush by Claudio Bindella

30 The Valleyx560kelli Connell

Reflections of Love by Kelli Connell

31 Twins Birthdayx560waters

Straight Bro Love by Scott Waters

32wrestlers Brian Kenny X560

Love to Wrestle by Brian Kenny

33 Fire Island Postcard Sunset Boulevard Dimicheill

Love, Walking Into the Sunset by Robert de Michiell