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Kate McKinnon's Laura Ingraham Has New Sponsors You've Never Heard Of

Kate McKinnon

McKinnon plays the Fox News host as a clueless, soulless white lady who's really excited about her new sponsors. 

Since lambasting teen school shooting survivor and anti-gun violence activist David Hogg on Twitter for failing to be accepted to some of his top picks for college despite his high GPA, Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham has lost nearly 30 sponsors for her show and was forced to take an "unplanned" vacation. But thanks to Saturday Night Live and Kate McKinnon's spot-on impression of the button-pushing host, Ingraham now has some sponsorship options.

McKinnon, who also reprised her hilarious Jeff Sessions portrayal for the episode's "Cold Open," unsurprisingly plays Ingraham as an absolutely clueless privileged white lady with no soul and a whole lot of new sponsorships.

"The important thing is I'm back and I'm not going to cave to bullying from the 'tolerant' left," McKinnon's Ingraham tells "Weekend Update" host Colin Jost. "And all because I trolled a traumatized 'teen.'"

"It's my right to bully people without being bullied in return," Ingraham says of sponsors bowing out of her show in droves following her attack on Hogg.

Among Ingraham's new sponsors are Carl's Sr., Your Pillow, Shkreli's Jelly, and Reverse Mortgage.

Watch McKinnon's Ingraham explain who those are sponsors are below.

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